Testimonials From Our Customers

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if our customers aren’t happy. So check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

“The rental property was in need of so many repairs. It was in shambles! I was heading to the property to do a clean out after the renters totally trashed my property. I saw a Trio Property Buyers advertisement, so I called them. The Trio Property Buyers representative came out and assessed the property. I was looking to accept an immediate cash offer because the repairs would have cost me a fortune that I couldn’t afford to complete. Trio Property Buyers offered me a fair price, I was excited, such a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders. Trio Property Buyers helped me to become debt free again. Trio Property Buyers is AWESOME!!”

– Cynthia B., Boynton Beach, Florida

Fire Damaged Property

“My rental property was accidentally set on fire by my tenant and my property insurance lapsed one month prior to the incident. I was left high and dry. So I contacted Trio Property Buyers and they offered me cash for my house. They literally saved me from the burdens of having to repair out of pocket. Trio Property Buyers Thank you!”

– Susan E., Deerfield Beach, Florida

Inherited Property Out of State

“It was a great pleasure working with the Trio Property Buyers staff!! My family was dealing with a difficult time coping with the death of my father and we needed to sell several of his properties in Florida. I recently inherited our childhood home in Fort Lauderdale and I didn’t have the time to manage a property in Florida from the West Coast. So I was referred to Trio Property Buyers from a friend who had a successful experience with them. They were so accommodating every step of the way. I will be forever grateful for this company’s patience and professionalism.”

– Trish A., Los Angeles California

Needed Money For Assisted Living Facility

“My 85 year old mother’s health was failing and she began developing mild dementia. Her home was in need of several repairs and we didn’t have the money to fix things and pay for her to receive in home care. I had to make a choice to sell my mom’s house and use the money to place her into an Assisted Living Facility to render her proper care. I contacted Trio Property Buyers to receive a cash offer and they provided an offer the same day. They assisted me through the process and even helped with locating a facility close by my residence.”

– Doris M., Lauderhill, Florida

Investor Rehab Gone Wrong

“I was in a bad situation with no more money to complete my first rehab project. The contractor ran off with a substantial amount of money and I was stuck with an unfinished property. I had no choice but to sell or default on the hard money loan that I took out for the project. Next door to my property a rehab was being completed by Trio Property Buyers so I reached out to the company and asked if they would be willing to buy my property. I was offered a fair price and was able to pay off my debt. Trio Property Buyers was very helpful during this bad time of my life and I even learned some valuable pointers just in case I attempted to do another project in the future.”

– Juan C., Miami, Florida

Foreclosure Situation

“I was employed for an engineering firm for more than 10 years and due to company downsizing I was laid off. I was unable to make mortgage payments and my home fell into Foreclosure. I received several postcards from Trio Property Buyers offering to provide a solution to my problem. I was hesitant to call but because time was ticking I needed help. Trio Property Buyers provided me with a cash offer. I was able to avoid foreclosure and had enough money from the sell to relocate. They saved my credit and gave me an opportunity to start fresh.”

– Dave H., Margate, Florida

Job Relocation

“My company promoted me to manage the international division in Australia. I was scheduled to relocate within the next 45 days. I needed to sell FAST! So I searched around and found a “we buy houses” company called Trio Property Buyers. I didn’t have time to make repairs and put the property on the market so I needed to sell it in AS-IS condition. The transaction was effortless and we closed very quickly. The Trio Property Buyers staff was very professional and made this process seamless. I would recommend them to prospective customers whom need to sell their house quickly.”

– John P., Ocala, Florida

Property Granted From Divorce

“I recently went through a nasty divorce proceeding where I ended up with an investment property that had a mortgage that I could not afford and major roof damage. I needed out fast. As I was sitting at a red light. I saw the advertisement on one of Trio Property Buyer’s Company cars. I immediately called the number listed and spoke with a representative who was so kind to schedule a visit the same day. Within 24 hours I received and offer and I accepted it. We closed the transaction in 15 days which was sooner than I expected. I will definitely call Trio Property Buyers if I have to sell another property in the future.”

– Julie J., Pompano Beach, Florida

Distressed Property/Emotional Probate

“My mom passed away about 8 months ago in her home. I was appointed as the Personal Representative of the estate, myself and my siblings wanted to sell the house fast without trying to repair the property that was in very bad condition. We couldn’t even enter the residence to remove her belongings. It was a very tough time for my family. I remember receiving an all cash offer from Trio Property Buyers. So I began searching the company up on the web and I reached out to them explaining my family’s situation.”

– Alexia N., Lauderhill, Florida


“My husband and I wanted to move to a smaller place and we didn’t want to go through all the hassle of trying to upgrade the home not knowing how it would really sell. We just did not want to go through the Realtor experience, we wanted to sell the home as is”. So we contacted Trio Property Buyers, we felt that they were a trustworthy company and reliable. I felt more comfortable selling my home to Trio Property Buyers. We wanted to sell fast and they did it! Now we can enjoy our retirement.

– Betty P., Plantation, Florida