“How Do I Sell My House FAST In Florida For Cash?”

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You Might Be Wondering – “Is It Really That Easy To Sell My House Fast?”

Selling your home in Florida – fast and for cash – is a very simple and easy process for YOU. For us, it’s a bit different. There’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes to make sure that your sale goes smoothly and easily. On top of that, Trio ensures that your sale complies with the regulations in place in the real estate industry. Our home buying specialists are the best in our field and we take on that responsibility so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Most “We Buy Houses” companies will try to offer you the lowest amount possible for your home. Some will even try to pressure you into signing a contract before you’re ready or change your offer once you have signed. We don’t believe in running a business this way. We wouldn’t stay in business if we didn’t make fair offers that helped our sellers solve their property issues. We value our reputation and value your experience with us.

How We Make Your Offer

  • We research your address, neighborhood and sales of similar homes come up with a value of what we think your house would be worth after we completed any necessary repairs or updates. This is called our “After Repair Value” (ARV).
  • We evaluate the current condition of your house and estimate the cost of the repairs needed to get your property up to our ARV.
  • We subtract the estimated repair costs from our ARV, as well as a small profit so that we are able to stay in business and continue buying houses.
  • If you’re satisfied with our offer, then the agreement is made! If not, there will be absolutely no pressure from us to sell for a price that you are not comfortable with.

Here Is An Example:

You want to sell your house fast, but are unsure what a fair offer for your house would be.

Your neighbor has a house almost identical to your house. He recently updated his home with granite counter tops, new paint and carpet, and newly remodeled bathrooms. He sells his house for $200,000.

So, naturally you want to sell your home for $200,000. You can do that, but it’s possible you may need to make updates equally as great as your neighbor’s updates (granite counter tops, new paint and carpet, remodel the bathrooms). Let’s assume those repairs and updates will cost you $30,000.

Or you can sell your house fast to us “As-Is”, without doing the repairs and updates yourself.

How We Calculate Your Offer

Here is the formula for how we calculate your offer:


  • The “After Repair Value” (ARV) of the property

    This is what the property will be worth on the market after we finish renovating it.
  • Renovation Costs

    In order to maximize the value of the property, we may need to renovate it to bring it in line with the homes that are currently being sold.
  • Our Selling Costs

    This factors in what it will cost us to resell the property after we buy it from you. You don’t have to pay realtor commissions or closing costs because we pay those costs when we resell the property. We also have to pay other fees such as taxes, insurance, HOA fees etc. Our selling costs usually average about 10% of the resale price, or the ARV.
  • Our Minimum Required Profit

    We wouldn’t be able to support our families, pay our employees, pay our contractors and buy houses if we didn’t make a profit when we resell them. We believe in keeping our profits to a minimum so we can afford to pay you more for your house and get more of our offers accepted. This is a required part of our formula.

Let’s plug in the numbers so you can see the formula to sell your house fast:

($200K ARV) – ($30K Renovation Costs + $20K Selling Costs + $20K Minimum Required Profit) = $130K Offer

Let’s Take A Closer Look At How You Can Sell Your House Fast…

You may be saying to yourself: “Wouldn’t my house sell for more if I just list it with a real estate agent?” Or you may have already had an agent who you trust tell you that your house should sell for $190K “As Is”. Which means that you’re being offered $60K more than our offer of $130K.

However, if you’re able to sell your house for $190K retail, you’ll actually net much less. Here’s why:

  • You will pay real estate agent commissions which are usually 6% of the sale price (you are now down to $178K)
  • You may need to complete thousands of dollars in repairs to make your house ready to put on the market, and inspections may require additional costly repairs. And, there’s still no guarantee the house will sell.
  • Many buyers finance through FHA, which has very strict guidelines. This often times requires additional repairs to meet those guidelines.
  • Many buyers will ask you to pay for part of their closing costs in addition to your normal closing costs.
  • You’ll have months of “carrying costs” until your house sells (taxes, insurance, water/sewer, utilities, lawn maintenance etc). If you have a mortgage, you’ll also still be paying your monthly mortgage payments until your house is sold.

Let’s put this in perspective (depending on your situation):

Should you accept a guaranteed all-cash sale for $130K, or take a chance and list it with a realtor and maybe get $178K (before all other costs are subtracted)?

Is our offer a realistic and fair solution to put your current situation and stresses behind you, AND put cash in your pocket?

Will this also be a fast and hassle-free process?

Can you honestly say you are truly comfortable and happy with your decision?

Want to know what YOUR numbers look like? You have nothing to lose in requesting an offer from us. Fill in this form to get started.

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